"John D. Allen, Thank you for introducing me to ChangeYourThinkingChangeYourBusiness.com and especially the E-Learning Weekly System. As a small business owner the demands of marketing, production, ordering and managing technology can be overwhelming. Your E-Learning Weekly System addresses each area in bite-sized pieces with creative suggestions to implement into my business. Templates such as the Eight Step Compelling Message template keeps me focused on my ideal customer. Implementing suggestions in technology for generating leads online as increased my business substantially. Here's to our continued success."

John Boyden

Well Done Screen Repair

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"John D. Allen, I have spent 1,000's of dollars and taken many excellent different programs from various people. The E-Learning Weekly Series takes the headache out of creating many of the tools needed to become successful in business, from the elevator pitch templates to a vast library of promotional material that you can use for your own specific needs. Most of us know what it is we want to say and where we want to say it, the headache comes from trying to create the material we want to use. The E-Learning Weekly Series makes this task easy and the cost for this very effective and useful program makes it "must have" for any small business. The money you will spend on this easy to use program is nothing compared to the return you will get on your investment, and John D Allen is there to help support you along the way."

Mike Fenton

Heart & Soul Health Coach